Interpreting and Translating

    Organization of interpreting teams in all European languages

    Conference-consultancy and and organization of simultaneous interpreting technology


    Masters in Conference Interpreting

    Graduate Translator

    Member of the German association of Conference interpreters (VKD) and the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ)

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    • You have built a company and established business contacts with foreign countries. Now, you would like to conclude a specific contract with your new partners…
    • You have a political conviction that you would like to harmonize with similar organisations in other European countries
    • Your work for an agency, that has relationships with foreign countries. It is now up to you to plan a meeting with members of the partner agency…
    • For your association or foundation, you are organizing a meeting with guests from foreign countries
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    • I have the answers to all your questions regarding simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.
    • I will also support you in organizing your event, e.g. when it comes to organizing simultaneous interpreting technology.
    • I will give you important information regarding cultural issues, questions and differences.
    • I will put together an engaged team of conference interpreters for you, that covers all the languages you need.
    • But I am also happy to assist you with smaller assignments, of course.
    • And, needless to say, my linguistic competency will be at your service.

    Together, let us make sure that the language barrier is no longer an obstacle.

  • Do not hesitate to get in touch with me, it is my pleasure to consult you by phone or in person before sending you a non-binding customized offer.