You need a non-binding offer? Do not hesitate to be in touch!

    I offer interpreting services in the following language combinations:

    French <> German

    English <> German

    Spanish > German


    It is my pleasure to put together a team that also covers any other language combinations you might need.


    It is my pleasure to give you comprehensive advice on which type of interpreting is best-suited for your event. Haben If you have a larger number of guests from abroad and want to save time, interpreting in simultaneous mode might be the best solution for you.

    If you want your guests to be able to move around freely, it might be good to organize interpreting in consecutive mode.



    Before each interpreting assignment, I prepare myself systematically. This means putting together a glossary and memorizing the all the technical vocabulary, so that I'll have no problems recalling it during your event.

    It is of great help to me if you send me manuscripts, presentations, exposés, etc. as early as possible. All documents are treated confidentially, which I will be happy to confirm to you in writing. Obviously, this applies to all content treated during the event, including the spoken word.


    I work with competent suppliers in the field of simultaneous interpreting and it is my pleasure to take care of organizing everything for you. Booths for simultaneous interpreting exist in different price-categories, it would be my pleasure to find the company that can make a suitable offer for your needs.




    My network of interpreting-colleagues covers all European languages; it is extended all over It is my pleasure to put together a committed team in any language combinations you might need all the while staying the only reference person for you.




    It is my pleasure to translate any content in relation with your event for you. This can include:

    - flyers or brochures

    - agendas and protocols

    - meeting documents

    - etc.




  • What exactly is interpreting? Some additional explanations.

    Conference Interpreting distinguishes between two forms, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.


    Simultaneous interpreting saves time, as content is being translated with almost no delay from one language to the other. However, the interpreter needs to stay in one place, as the interpretation is done with the help of a simultaneous booth.


    Consecutive interpreting needs more time, as speech sections are translated with delay from one language to the other. However, the interpreter can move freely, which is why this type of interpreting is often used for factory tours and visits.


    Find a detailed description of the differences between the two main types of interpreting here.

    I am also proficient in other types of interpretation such as whispered interpreting and liaison interpreting.


    There is a lot you can contribute to successful communication while using an interpreter is a success.

    See what exactly here.